The online poker sites would have you believe that their software is fair for all players. In fact many of the online poker sites are required to submit their software for rigorous testing to prove it is a fair game for all players. However, is the software really fair? On the other hand, is there something going on in the background that many people never realize?

Many victims of bad beats will scream “this site is rigged” while others will counter that the suck outs and bad beats are all a part of poker and it happens even in live games. While that is true, it still begs the question as to whether there is more to the online poker game than meets the eye.

In a recent article titled “Are Online Poker Sites Rigged?” by Davidforth, a poker writer for the popular magazine Online Poker Review, he looked at the frequency of certain hand outcomes as compared to the frequency of similar hand outcomes in “real life.” According to this writer, certain inferior hands win more frequently than they should. He found that in “straight play” (highest end of the bell curve) the frequency of flush wins was around 30%, while the frequency of full house wins was around 20%. The one area where the online poker sites did not beat the live dealers was in the high risk games, i.e. the top 10% of hands.

The author of the Online Poker History study analyzed a huge amount of hands played over a huge number of hands. According to the results, the hands that are called by the computer program were more likely to be draws than natural hands. The conclusion that the software was predicting more draws was supported by the calculation that a full house would win only 31% of the time if it were compared to a flush that would usually win 50% of the time.

Yet another calculation conducted by the same author reached a different conclusion. According to this calculation, in a “full dinner and eat” session (four course meal plus some snacks) the likelihood of a player getting a flush card is only 8%. In contrast, the likelihood of a player getting a full house card is over 40%. The author concluded that the probability of having a full dinner and eat in a Texas Hold’em tournament is too low to be consistent. He recommended that his readers interested in winning at Texas Hold’em tournaments have a poker eating and drinking strategy. While I am not sure exactly what that is, I am certain it will not include a poker playing strategy. I also think that it is quite funny that the author refers to his poker playing as “an addiction.” I am sure that he could have made a much larger money-making career in poker had he played the game for its monetary worth. However, he decided not to be a professional poker player and made a nice enough living elsewhere.

As far as the differences between live and online dewabet are concerned, I can safely say that the poker players on both sides of the Atlantic earn their livelihood from the same game and poker is no different. Live dealers shuffle the cards and are professional players who spend long periods sitting on the table. The cards are dealt by human players who learn to watch what their opponents are doing. As far as the players are concerned, these are all amateur players who are prone to mistakes. The human players of course, try to correct the mistakes committed by the other players. If a player learns how to play his opponents better, he will win. Players are not perfect, but their humaneness makes it very difficult to read them all the time.

For many years, live poker was an institution in casinos. It was difficult to play in a land-based card room, because the players were not completely am institute. The internet has since replaces most of the live games in casinos with online poker. In the comfort of your home, you can play the game with other people. There is still a land based poker room in many areas, but their poker room will be better attended if there are many online players. The live rooms in casinos will have fewer players because the casinos want the Each Way bet (buy one get one free) to be successful. They want people to get to the table and be engaged in conversation. Instead, the online poker rooms are “online poker clubs” where people can play and meet people.

Many casinos online, including Titan Poker, offer live roulette for multiple bets. You can place several bets on the table in roulette and have the chance of winning money or discounts. Titan Poker also has a live casino that offers blackjack with variations on the game. At Full Tilt Poker, you can play with play money or for real money. It is easy to switch from one game to another. With the variety of games, the online casinos are more than just a place to play. They are a place to meet people, talk, and enjoy the company.