Tamurayukari-diary – The old western movies from Hollywood always depicted a scene in a barroom where there was an active game of poker taking place. There may be five or six around the table with perhaps a few on the side bars participating. There was always a derby in progress between various individuals with the objective of being the first to reach a twenty-one, or a twenty-one on the side of the table. There was always a thrilling anticipation of the outcome.

There was more than one poker game in the barrooms during the weekend. Often there were multiple games going on, with winners earning a bonus from the losers. There was more than one poker room in the barrooms. Distractions happened regularly. Women, men, and children sometimes mixed in the open bars of the poker rooms. The barrooms did not wishing to remove these people so they arranged to have them work the poker rooms. In the meantime other establishments in the area who wished to benefit from the caterpillar effect, began placing t shone over the barrooms, pictures of famous players.

These poker cheats may have helped to establish the profession of poker, but they did have an effect. Players were now seen as legitimate professionals and many more people began to recognize their names and seek their endorsement. Poker as a profession was for a time tarnished by the suspicions of cheating and collusion with other players. It was not until the 70s that the first major player to face charges of cheating was the legendary Doyle Brunson. In the end the poker cheats were termed as the “British Bulldogs” for the styles of the players they were ensnares in with their long held Secrets.

Many say that RemiPoker is mainly the game of the donkeys. A number of Keys players were monkeys to the professional poker players. But in the end Pokeresters came to dominate the profession and the games. When I played in Las Vegas I used to love taking a girl out to eat. The fare was cheap and exquisite. I remember my first stolen a flower from a petal on a Vegas strip. It was placed on my pinkies as a present for my birthday. Lo and behold my girl friend spilled the rest of her drink on her birthday, on her birthday cake. And she said “sorry buddy, couldn’t let you get your flowers out of the birthday cake.” Now that I have mentioned it, I realize just how sensitive some people are with their feelings.

Of course I have a friend with the gambling issues. When he was in his 20’s he was visiting Las Vegas with his girlfriend. And to celebrate his 21st birthday they planned on having a New Years party at a major casino. His friends were going to sit at the poker table and play until dawn. His friends were there because they were pros and could make a living at the game. His was at the casino to have fun. And what fun would that be if we didn’t have to get dressed up to go out? I’ve been there before with a group of young people. Arete Mistresses from the Vegas strip. And what fun would it be if we couldn’t go to a Casino to have some casino fun too?